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Ealing Arabic School provides classes for boys and girls between the age of 4 and 16, as well as adult classes. The school adopts the policy of providing all types of support with the main books used in teaching in order to assist all types of learners to achieve their highest potential. Dual language stories, Arabic-only stories and picture books, DVDs, videos, CDs, Interactive White Board (IWB), Internet, educational games and activities are all used to support and ensure our valued students learn but also enjoy their time at the Arabic school. 

Lesson Planning

Lessons are carefully planned to meet the needs of the classes and to keep the students engaged. All lesson plans contain the following information:

1. Initial information: the topic, aims and objectives of the lesson and timing.

2. Main body of the lesson contains teacher activity, students’ activity, resources used and assessment.

3. Teacher evaluation and notes.

Extra-Curricular Activities

1. Trips: we always try to organise exciting school trips for our students to learn in a different environment. Previous successful examples are; The Model Village, Bakery Trip, Transport Museum, Natural History Museum, House of Parliament when Reception A had a wonderful time at the London Zoo and when the adult class enjoyed a culturally rich visit to the British Library. For pictures check our Gallery

2. Assemblies: There will be an all school Assembly every year in Spring Term in March.

3. Competitions: A new writing competition will be launched soon.

4. Student of the month award: A certificate awarded for the highest achiever and most well behaved students each month.